Re-opening Instructions

Please do not attend if you or anyone else in your household are feeling unwell or are showing Covid-19 symptoms. Please refer to the Government Covid-19 website for guidance and latest information.

Social distancing measures will apply to ALL persons whilst on the ground.

The clubhouse, and social areas are closed, and we ask that you do not sit on outdoor furniture. The toilet will only be available for emergencies - so go before you come along !!

We are operating a "shoot and go" policy; please avoid congregating in car parks and outdoor social areas and leave the ground / carpark as soon as you have finished shooting.

No - we are limiting the numbers of people on the ground at any one time and so spectators will not be allowed in.

Please approach the reception point to book in and collect your card one person at a time maintaining social distancing.
We are operating a CONTACTLESS CARD ONLY payment system - no cash will be accepted.

We will be operating 7 stands for 50 bird sporting only.

We advise anybody visiting who wishes to bring their own PPE glasses, hand sanitiser, masks, gloves etc to do so. These items must be taken home and NOT disposed of at the ground.

When shooting commences squads of FOUR will be released at regular intervals. Please proceed to stand 1 and you must then move to stand 2 and so on. You must shoot all of the stands in numeric order following the one-way system. DO NOT move to the next stand until it is clear and the previous group has moved on.

We are delighted to be re-opening and hope you will be respectful of these procedures and work with us to ensure we all remain safe.

Any shooter wilfully breaking the social distancing/safe shooting rules will be asked to stop shooting and leave the ground immediately.

If you notice anything that we have missed or could do better, please let one of the Phil know.

These instructions will inevitably change over time as the pandemic and social distancing advice progresses.

Otley Chevin
LS21 3DG

07773 847 486